Submit a complete hardcopy of the paper and accompanied materials (figures, tables, and any electronic supplements) signed by the author to the corresponding Editorial Board:

and e-mail files of the paper to (for IJGA) and to (for RJES) with copies to

Materials of the paper should be submitted according to the Recommendations to Authors.

The IJGA and RJES Editorial Offices can help authors in preparing their manuscripts in acceptable English. Russian-speaking authors should submit the original text of the paper in Russian even if they submitted English version.

Editorial Boards do not accept responsibility for the safety of these materials during the publishing process. Original photographs and illustrations will be returned only if a written request accompanies them. The abstract is recommended to be a single paragraph of no more than 200 words. References and figure legends should follow recommended style. SI units should be used throughout. Authors who plan to submit a review paper or multiple-part papers should consult with the editor before writing; multiple-part papers will be reviewed as a set whenever possible. See Recommendations to Authors for more detailed information, or you may contact the shown above e-mails to receive this information electronically.

Supplementary Material. Authors are encouraged to provide animations, electronic supplements, and color figures, which will further enhance the electronic presentation of their papers. Authors may include color figures online free of charge. However, only black and white figures will be included in the print companion to the journal. Authors of papers with multi-media components can obtain additional information from the Electronic Publishing Dept. of the Geophysical Center RAS, V. Nechitailenko, tel: +74959305649, fax: +7-495-930-0506, e-mail:

NB! Within two-three months we plan to implement into production process a new online submission and peer-review system with updated recommendations to authors. Please be sure to look on these pages before submitting new materials.

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