The Electronic Publishing Laboratory(EPLab) of the Geophysical Center RAS is involved in various activities in the field of electronic publishing in science since 1995.

EPLab publishes two scientific online journals: International Journal of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy (http://www.agu.org/journals/ijga/ and http://eos.wdcb.ru/journals/ijga/) under grant agreement with the American Geophysical Union, and Russian Journal of Earth Sciences (http://eos.wdcb.ru/journals/rjes/ and http://www.agu.org/WPS/rjes/). Both journals are peer-reviewed, published in PDF and HTML formats with XML meta- and reference data necessary for loading to CrossRef system. The technical level of both journals is highly professional, online versions include modern, pure electronic components.

Specialists of EPLab has developed full set of software for all stages of paper preparation, so-called,

    integrated electronic publishing environment, which includes:
  • TeX template which can be configured on-fly depending on journal format;
  • original software for converting TeX to HTML and XML;
  • peer-review online system,
  • software components for producing graphics, etc.

EPLab together with Geophysical Branch of the Library for Natural Sciences RAS developed ICSU Navigator for Primary Scientific Publications, under ICSU Press grant (http://eos.wdcb.ru/icsu/navigator/)

EPLab is headed by Dr. Vitaly Nechitailenko (vitaly@wdcb.ru).

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