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Dr. Vitaly Nechitailenko, Head of the Electronic Publishing Laboratory.
vitaly@wdcb.ru   Tel: +7(495)930-5649

Born in 1937, graduated as radioingeneer at the Kharkov Polytechnical Institute in 1962, received PhD degree in 1970 and Senior Researcher diploma in 1973. He is currently a member of the Russian National CODATA Committee and former member of the ICSU Panel on World Data Centers and ICSU Committee on Dissemination of Scientific Information. Dr. Nechitailenko previously was Vice-President of the Soviet Geophysical Committee and was for many years involved in International Geophysical Programs, developing research equipment and software for data observation and data processing. He has published widely on meteor radar observations, computer network simulation, data processing, and electronic publishing technology. His formal involvement in the electronic publishing in science activity started in 1995, when he was appointed as a member of the Program Committee of the ICSU/UNESCO Expert Conference on Electronic Publishing in Science (Paris, February 1996). He developed and created most complete mirror web sites and CD-ROMs for the First (1996) and the Second (2001) ICSU/UNESCO Electronic Publishing in Science Conferences (http://eos.wdcb.ru/eps1/ and http://eos.wdcb.ru/eps2). Main results of his and his colleagues researches in this field were presented at conferences organized by ICSU, CODATA, IFIP/ICCC, AAAS, etc.

    Ms. Olga Alexanova, Research Scientist.
alolga@wdcb.ru   Tel: +7(495)930-5619

Born in 1955, graduated as a radiophysicist at the Kharkov State University in 1977. For many years she was working for World Data Center B for Solar-Terrestrial Physics and was involved in data gathering, processing, and preservation. Her scientific interests are in the areas of radiophysics, solar physics, information technologies and their applications to geophysical data processing and presentation of data processing results in the form of electronic publications.

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