Scattering of VLF field at a three-dimensional ionospheric irregularity: Investigation and application to the "Trimpi" problem

E. V. Moskaleva, and O. V. Soloviev

Institute of Radio Physics, St. Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg, Russia


[1]  This paper is devoted to mathematical simulation of the "Trimpi" effect on the base of the investigations of VLF field diffraction at a three-dimensional irregularity in the lower ionosphere. The problem of the field of a vertical electric dipole in a plain waveguide with homogeneous properties of the Earth's surface and inhomogeneous ionospheric wall is considered. The irregular impedance model of the waveguide is created using the known vertical profiles of the electron concentration and effective collision frequency. The modeled ionospheric irregularity is considered as a finite cylinder without any limitations to its shape and the dimensions of its base. An original asymptotic method using the apparatus of integral equations is used for solving the diffraction problem. On the basis of the numerical simulations performed, one can draw the following conclusions: not only the forward scatter of the field but the backscatter as well are observed; the irregularity impact depends on the propagation path orientation relative to the geomagnetic field, on the underlying surface properties, and the irregularity location and its geometric dimensions. The found field variations are of a significant character and can be detected experimentally.

Received 26 April 2005; revised 14 November 2005; accepted 25 April 2006; published 16 August 2006.

Keywords: Wave propagation; Lower ionosphere; Ionospheric irregularity.

Index Terms: 6964 Radio Science: Radio wave propagation; 2439 Ionosphere: Ionospheric irregularities; 2494 Ionosphere: Instruments and techniques.


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