5. Conclusions

[20]  Thus a two-layer region of additional ionization with the maximum electron concentration of 2.7times 103 cm-3 is detected during moderate solar flares in the polar ionosphere at heights below 85 km. Ionospheric effects of the X-ray solar flares were accompanied by an intensification of the MF radio wave absorption, splashes of the meter space radiation, and generation of infrasound waves with a period of about 3 min and more. The effects of solar flares depend on geophysical conditions in the ionosphere. They are manifested in the most visual way at the absence of disturbances. It is shown that at heights below 75 km the electron concentration is proportional to the intensity of X-ray radiation, the fact indicating that there is a linear recombination law and dust-like particles play a significant role. The detected features in the electron concentration behavior during solar X-ray flares need further experimental studies and theoretical explanation.


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