Discussion paper: An electromagnetic mechanism of solar-terrestrial relations

A. G. Kolesnik , A. S. Borodin , S. A. Kolesnik , and S. V. Pobachenko
Siberian Physical and Technical Institute, Tomsk State University, Tomsk, Russia


[1]  Studies of the electromagnetic mechanism of solar-terrestrial relations and their influence on the states of separate systems of a human organism are discussed. Quantitative estimates of the level of statistical relations between the characteristics of the cardiovascular system and human brain activity and parameters of the fundamental modes of the near-Earth resonators have been obtained.

Received 25 November 2004; accepted 26 July 2005; published 18 October 2005.

Keywords: Mechanism of solar-terrestrial relations; Geomagnetic impact of humans; Near-Earth resonator.

Index Terms: 0426 Biogeosciences: Biosphere/atmosphere interactions; 2162 Interplanetary Physics: Solar cycle variations; 2712 Magnetospheric Physics: Electric fields.


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