Geophysical Papers Online is the initiative of the Geophysical Center, Russian Academy of Sciences, which aim is to introduce and populate an electronic publishing technologies and use them into the practice of geophysicists research works. GPO collections of papers include original papers, online versions of papers already published in various Russian and international journals, and preprints of papers submitted for publishing in other journals. GPO is used as a testbed for technologies used in full-shaped electronic journals, which help us to pass over the limitations of printed-on-paper journals.

Scope of the Journal

Preprints as well as reviews and original research papers published in Geophysical Papers Online, may be related to any of disciplines of Planetary Geophysics. Original research papers will pass through usual peer review process according to common rules accepted in scientific journals published by the Russian Academy of Sciences. Volume of papers is not limited strictly, papers containing components most specific for electronic journal (such as video and audio files, animated graphics, dynamical interactive models, interfaces to databases, etc.) will obtain highest priority and possible support.

Copyright Notes

Geophysical Papers Online is copyrighted by the Geophysical Center, Russian Academy of Sciences. Preprints of papers included into the Journal are copyrighted by authors and those publishers to whom authors have transferred their rights.

Preprints of papers submitted to the International Journal of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy are copyrighted by the American Geophysical Union according to Copyright Transfer Agreement signed by the author.

Preprints of papers submitted to the Russian Journal of Earth Sciences are copyrighted by the RJES Editorial Board, who is the owner and publisher of the Journal.

Presentation Formats

Papers are presented in HTML 3.2 with extensions supported by latest versions of WWW browsers like Netscape 4.7 and Internet Explorer 4.0. HTML is considered as a basic format used for structuring and linking all components of journal Geophysical Papers Online. Some formats may be used as an alternative, i.e. Postscript, PDF, and MS Word. For viewing documents in listed formats one can install external viewers like Ghostscript, Acrobat Reader and MS Word. For more details look, for example, at Recommendations to Authors (in English and Russian) of Russian Journal of Earth Sciences.

Authors of papers with non-traditional components can obtain additional information from Electronic Publishing Group of Geophysical Center RAS. Contact person: V. Nechitailenko, tel: +7 (095) 930-5649, fax: +7 (095) 930-5509, e-mail:

Updated on April 15, 2002