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The basic LaTeX 2ε template agupaper.sty was developed in 1999 under AGU specifications and contains a set of macro definitions necessary for composing manuscripts and final camera-ready copies of papers submitted to AGU journals (16 titles). Version 1.4 was extended to cover Russian Journal of Earth Sciences for both, English and Russian editions, and contains also some new and revised commands to manage graphics. This basic template can be easily adapted to any arbitrary journal style.

After downloading and unzipping agupaper.zip file you will obtain three files:
  • agupaper.sty - LaTeX 2ε template (version 1.4, December 2002),
  • agupaper.pdf - description of the template (version 1.2),
  • update_eng.pdf - description of additional options in version 1.4 (English version),
  • update_rus.pdf - the same in Russian.


Since 2004 a more complicated gcras.sty template is used to satisfy many additional specifications born by the transition of both journals to the online format. The zipped file gcras.zip contains mentioned gcras.sty file, which supports translation of source files to RJES, IJGA, and galley formats, and two more files (gipaper.sty and espaper.sty) with some minor additions to formats of mentioned journals. The full description of gcras.sty template is under preparation and will come soon.


In January 2007 some IJGA specifications were changed. The TeX template for this journal gipaper.sty was essentially revised and new version 3.0 supports:

  • processing new markups, most of which are of semantical type, incorporated to simplify conversion of LaTeX source file to XML format,
  • checking internal links between lists of authors and their affiliations based on conversion of TeX variable types,
  • checking completeness of items in the reference list,
  • and more...

gipaper.zip file contains the template (gipaper.sty v.3.0) and short notes (notes.pdf) for typesetters.


This template was written in late 2008 to meet specifications of the new e-book format developed by the EPLab for journals and books published by Geophysical Center RAS. The template supports high-level hyperlinking both inside and outside of online documents. It successfully passed through the testing stage during preparation and publishing of the e-book "The K/T boundary of Gams (Eastern Alps, Austria) and the nature of terminal Cretaceous mass extinction" published recently by the GC RAS (doi:10.2205/2009-GAMSbook). The book contains near 5000 internal and over 300 external hyperlinks to and from floats (figures and tables), references, and to responce pages of those references which are registered in CrossRef.

The template and additional software, including online TeX Validator support also strong control of "anchor-target" consistency, avoiding dubbing targets, etc.

gamsbook.zip file contains the template (gamsbook.sty v.1.0). Preparing English version of the manual is in progress.

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