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Minerageny problems of Russia

This edition presents the results of the RAS fundamental research program "Scientific basis of innovational, energy efficient, ecologically safe technologies of estimation and development of natural and anthropogenic resources". The program took place from 2009 to 2011 and was coordinated by academicians L. I. Leontiev and D. V. Rundqist. The edition contains articles related to four following sections:

  • Development of theoretic and scientific basis of mineragenic zoning, local investigating, prospecting and estimating of strategic ore resources,
  • Characteristics of occurrence and distribution of ore components in rocks of reference deposits with the help of modern precise analytic methods and equipment,
  • Development of theoretical basis of projecting and safe functioning of geotechnical systems, based on combined physical and chemical technologies of development of natural and anthropogenic rock deposits,
  • Fundamental principles of spatial data structure for estimation and development of natural and anthropogenic resources.

The information about the structure of the program and websites where articles related to other sections are published can be found in the introduction to the present edition.

Pages 534, Figures 204, Tables 68.

Citation: Rundquist D. V., N. S. Bortnikov, Yu. G. Safonov, Eds. (2012), Minerageny problems of Russia, Publ. GC RAS, Moscow, 534pp., doi:10.2205/2012minerageny-2012.

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